A History Of Advocating for Better Health

Since 1985 Irvine Health Foundation has awarded over $25 million in grants to support programs that address the unmet health needs of Orange County. The foundation leverages its resources to support efforts that promote increasing access to quality health-related services as well as advancing health policy and initiatives designed to result in improved health status for residents of Orange County, California.

IHF Capacity Development Series for 2013 Impact Fund Grant Applications

February 26, 2014: Strengthening the Ask: Learn how your numbers can strengthen your story

Nonprofit Finance Workshop: Conquering the Puzzle

Financial statements and metrics are important management tools. As an Executive Direct or Board member, it is highly likely you’ll will need to analyze spreadsheets or put together a financial report. However, unless you have a background in accounting, reading financial statements can be challenging. Presented by Karla V. Salazar.

Focus Areas

Capacity Building

Community Partnerships

Through strategic partnerships and collaborations at the County, State, and Federal level, Irvine Health Foundation continues to campaign on behalf of Orange County’s most vulnerable populations in order to ensure the availability of accessible, quality health-related services.

Capacity Building

Irvine Health Foundation has helped bridge some of the funding gaps that arose due to the economic slowdown by assisting key organizations with the implementation of new methodologies and deployment of innovative technologies.

Systemic Change

Irvine Health Foundation supports initiatives that introduce technological and business process improvements to local organizations, leading to improved care, increased access to care, and reduced costs for Orange County’s safety net population.

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