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Technology-enabled Healthy Living

Military Veterans

Older Adults

Irvine Health Foundation brings together investment, expertise, and initiatives that advance healthier lives in our community.

Our Strategy: Technology-enabled Healthy Living
Our Focus: Orange County Older Adults & Military Veterans

Military Veterans

The long-term well-being of our veterans depends on our community being prepared and well equipped to meet their needs. Each year nearly 6,500 military vets will settle in Orange County, joining the 130,000 living here.

Myriad interconnected challenges face our veterans: securing housing, jobs, and physical and behavioral health, while also adjusting to civilian culture and family life. Irvine Health Foundation is convening with other community leaders so together we marshal the resources needed to serve our veterans.

Older Adults

More than half of Orange County older adults are worried about managing their health, yet our health and nutritional systems are challenged to meet their growing needs. IHF is collaborating in the creative process it takes to embed health and healthy living in the lives of Orange County seniors.

Additionally, Orange County is widely perceived as one of the wealthiest in the nation. But more than 100,000 adults aged 65+ in our County live in poverty. Another 30% of our seniors are the “hidden poor.”

Older Adults in Orange County


One in five Orange County residents will be over 65 by 2030


Population of older adults that are economically insecure in Orange County per the Elder Index


Percent of older adults diagnosed with high blood pressure




Asian/Pacific Islander



Since 2000 the older adult population increased by 26.1% for ages 65-74, according to the U.S. Census.

The older adult population 85+ grew by 45.2% between 2000 and 2010.

From 2000 to 2009, poverty among older adults increased by 3% each year.

44% of older adults 65+ are considered economically insecure.

130,000 Military Veterans in Orange County


Post-9/11 military veterans reporting severe physical health problems.


Post-9/11 military veterans screened positive for PTSD.


Post-9/11 military veterans that reported needing healthcare assistance.