Discovering New Ways

Irvine Health Foundation seeks out new ways to advance healthy living and optimize health for older adults and military veterans in Orange County.

This demands creative approaches. Trying what hasn’t been tried before: applying technology with fresh eyes, embedding healthy living into the community landscape, leveraging data, creating person-centered initiatives, forging unique partnerships, crafting new models, and diving into new territory. In short, “coloring outside the lines.”

We believe that achieving optimal health, regardless of life stage or health condition is a goal our community can achieve if we work together.

Into the Future

Building on its 30 years of grant-making expertise the IHF Board of Directors engaged in intensive research to discover where and how IHF could best focus its future efforts and resources toward the enduring well-being of the people of Orange County.

Our investigation directed a bright light on the facts: A healthy community requires teamwork. It takes dynamic forces coming together in unique combinations to advance the health of our community. Sustained optimal health status requires a multiplicity of interdependent elements.

IHF is committed to tackling the challenge. We instigate and participate in novel solutions that bring together investments, partnerships, research, business, technology, and community-based resources. We work in partnership with others. We lead and we cooperate in:

  • Investment partnerships that advance the health and healthy behaviors for Orange County’s military veterans and older adults;
  • Inventive, scalable solutions for technology-enabled healthy living;
  • Partnerships and initiatives that serve to open up access to resources and knowledge about our health and healthy living, especially for veterans and seniors;
  • Collaborations with business, non-profits, and technology companies to innovate initiatives for enduring health.