Irvine Health Foundation

The Irvine Health Foundation believes that levering technologies, collaboration, and catalyzing health movements are essential to advancing optimal health within our communities.

We bring together expertise and investment to improve the health and well-being of the diverse population of Orange County.

The Foundation engages in three core activities:

  • Collaborating with other institutions, non-profit organizations, and technology companies to shape, innovate, and support initiatives for healthy living;
  • Bringing together health investment partners with the institutions, people, and technology that will improve the health of the people of Orange County;
  • Investing resources and expertise for maximizing health for older adults and military veterans in Orange County.

The Foundation was created within the community as a steward for the community. In 1986 grant funds from the Irvine Medical Center, Inc. and a coalition of businesses and individuals tasked the Foundation with managing, investing, and disbursing funds for health improvement throughout Orange County.

In 2014, building on its 30 years of grant-making expertise the IHF Board of Directors engaged in an intensive research and planning process, analyzing where and how the foundation could best catalyze its efforts, resources and influence for the lasting well-being of people in Orange County.

This investigation led the board to shift the focus of the Foundation from a healthcare funder to an investment partner around the systemic community factors that generate healthful behaviors and healthy living.

We describe our focus as technology enabled healthy living.

The IHF Board of Directors is shaping these new initiatives by actively exploring healthy living collaborations for the people of Orange County.