Irvine Health Foundation is working to ensure aging in Orange County is healthy, active, and satisfying for every older adult, regardless of economic or health status.

By 2050 there will be more than 800,000 adults 65 and over living in Orange County, comprising 24% of the population. Adults over 85 are the fastest growing segment of the region’s population.

Through our investments and initiatives, we are:

  • Researching factors in Orange County that influence individual health behaviors, identifying the systemic ingredients that lead to optimal health throughout life for older adults.
  • Creating collaborations among health and technology innovators.
  • Investing in healthy aging initiatives in the community.
  • Equipping older adults with tools to take an active part in their healthy aging and to address their individual and local health environments.
  • Convening leaders in business, technology, public health, and research to explore opportunities for powering healthy behaviors and to collaborate in making investments that create a healthier community.

We are working to optimize opportunities for good health in older adults in Orange County so they continue to play an active part in their family and their community, enjoying the benefits of longevity and a high quality of life.