Aging Well Solutions Acquires Iris Digital Communities

Aging Well Solutions Acquires Iris Digital Communities

October 7, 2020 – IRVINE, California — Aging Well Solutions has acquired Iris Digital Communities’ assets from Irvine Health Foundation. Aging Well Solutions serves older adults and caregivers through services that connect them to local community resources for well-being, support, guidance, and solutions for older adults.

Toni Polich, CEO of Aging Well Solutions, says the company will be establishing a presence in Orange County through the Iris Digital Communities (IDC) technology platform, branded as IrisOC, and developed by the Irvine Health Foundation.  The company will also launch a similar offering in Utah, where Aging Well Solutions is headquartered, using the IDC technology platform.

As part of the agreement, Aging Well Solutions will be continuing the operation of IrisOC, and aims to build new features, content, and strong local partnerships with the organizations serving seniors in Orange County.

“During my decades working with our older adult population, I have had the privilege of seeing the many ways in which our elders carry forward strength, wisdom, and insight. It is a critical time to merge this well-developed technology platform and carry it forward in new ways that allow the insights of our elders to be shared.  We will also make resources easily accessible when the need for information arises. I intend to continue serving the Orange County population, but to also utilize the IDC technology to connect, inform, and enable community members in many new digital communities,” said Toni Polich, CEO Aging Well Solutions.

There are over 450,000 older adult residents in Orange County today representing a little over 14% of the population. By 2045 that cohort is expected to account for 25% of the population, and is the only population expected to expand in the next two decades.

IrisOC was an outgrowth of the work of Irvine Health Foundation (IHF) in supporting innovations and collaborative initiatives that improve the well-being and lives of older adults and veterans in Orange County. Ed Kacic, President of Irvine Health Foundation stated, “At IHF, our core strategic focus is technology-enabled healthy living.  We aim to work with others in order to help Orange County residents optimize their health status, and using various forms of technology is an effective approach to reaching target populations. Building and deploying the Iris platform for Orange County was a core part of our strategy.  The Iris technology enables older adults, their caregivers and the organizations that serve them to engage with and manage Social Determinants of Health at the local level.”

“We are pleased that Aging Well Solutions has acquired the IDC platform and technology.  They are to be commended for their commitment to empowering older adults and their stakeholders.  Furthermore, we are very excited that IrisOC will continue to help thousands of Orange County residents and are delighted that Aging Well Solutions will expand the technology to reach others throughout the country,” said Ed Kacic.

About Aging Well Solutions

Aging Well Solutions is an organization built on decades of knowledge and experience in providing resources and services for aging well and  has been formed to best serve the population of Orange County, and other similar areas, in meeting the varying needs of older adults and bringing innovative solutions and community-based connections for every step along the journey of aging.  The purpose of Aging Well Solutions is to engage, educate, and empower older adults and their caregivers as well as connecting them with the organizations available to enhance their lives.

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